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‘Entrepreneurial Shunde Final 2016’ was grandly held in the NEXTCITY.

2016-12-08 10:45:09From:物联天下Author:WIOT View:1

Build innovative entrepreneurial platform and seamless access to three major industry circles

‘Entrepreneurial Shunde Final 2016’ was grandly held in the NEXTCITY.

Encouraging popular entrepreneurship to achieve popular innovation. The semi-final and final of ‘Entrepreneurial Shunde 2016’ was grandly held in the NEXTCITY, Lecong, Guangdong province.

There are 30 excellent projects participated in this contest for the championship of ‘Entrepreneurship Shunde 2016’. This contest was sponsored by The People’s Government of Shunde and jointly sponsored by Department of Economic and Technological Promotion, Guangdong Shunde Science and Technology Innovation Management Group Co., Ltd. The co-sponsors including Guangdong Technology Financial Innovation Incubation Service Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong WIOT Technology Group Co.,Ltd.,Angels Canton and also supported by department of economic and technological promotion of each town street, Shunde Industry Service Innovation Center, all chamber of commerce of district and entrepreneur associations,etc.


In addition to the establishment of 680,000 CNY bonus, it is worth mentioning that the award-winning project can be obtained Seed Fund of Shunde University City (50 million CNY), as well as Angel Investment Fund (200 million CNY) support. These two funds are invested by the FOF of Shunde innovation entrepreneurship investment, mainly invested in those winning projects of innovation and entrepreneurship contest. Adopting the principle of seed fund 50-200 thousand CNY of fixed amount of direct equity investment, Angel Investment referring the latest investment amount and valuation from investor and invest based on no more than 1:1 ratio. The highest investment of single project is not more than 3 million CNY.

Group photo for award winning team, enterprise representatives and expert judges

Group photo for Deputy Mayor of Shunde district Mr. Cai Wei and the final first prize winner of enterprise group and team group

Mr.Tan Su, the leader of Department of Economic Promotion of Shunde district, presenting the second prize award of team group to 90’young contestant

The contestant of enterprise representative was making project roadshow

The expert judges raised questions to contestant

The Final scene