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The First Global IOT Overall Application Technology City——NEXTCITY

2015-11-24 17:15:48From:WiotView:1

Approved by the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province, Guangdong IOT Application Industry Base has built an industrial application base for IOT and emerging technologies of informatization by receiving strong support from the governments at all levels. Creating a creative industry park as a landmark by using the guiding principle which puts the strategic emerging industries as the main industry, relevant enterprises of the industry chains as the main service object, and the special theme commerce as the driving engines of the industry. 

The Base locates in the Sino-German Service Zone of Foshan New City. The project, which is named NEXTCITY at the first phase, has begun to construct. Overall floorage of the project will be 1.5million ㎡. The first phase of the project will be constructed into three areas and its overall floorage will be 660,000 ㎡. The floorage of A area will be 340,000 ㎡ and the planned investment will be 1.8 billion yuan ( equivalent to about 280 million dollars). The floorage of B and C area will be 320,000 ㎡ and the planned investment will be 1.6 billion yuan (equivalent to about 250 million dollars). 

The cumulative number of enterprises which above designated size will be more than 20, and the developing enterprises will be around 500 to 800. The number of developing start-up in the incubator will retain more than 150. The general output of 2018 will reach 80 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan (equivalent to about 12.8 billion dollars to 16 billion dollars). 

The theme of NEXTCITY will be new city, new technology and new life. IOT industry will be the core. It will create a smart industrial symbiosesis community of IOT overall applications and built an eco-demonstration new city of IOT industry. Construction division will include but not limited to following function district: eco-office district, R&D district, incubation district, experience and exhibition district, commercial business service district, cultural and leisure district. It will create a incubation platform of strategic emerging industries, a new business territory for science and technology professionals, a new meeting place for white collars, a new business spending experience for family members, and a new tourism base for citizen according to clear industry demand and city function orientation. 

NEXTCITY insists on intensive, intelligent, green and low-carbon sustainable development idea. Smart Park satisfy feasibility basis for high starting point. Function layout, industry orientation, services infrastructure have been planned scientifically. It is aiming to create a smart technology park with industries, offices, business, services and symbiosesis. 

Smart Park combines tightly with regional planning, enterprises in the Park, public demands. Promote the rapid expansion of the smart industry of the Smart Park with the information application system which puts the park as the core and construction of policy, industry, school, research, finance, agent, trade and media as the basis. To create NEXTCITY into a window of the science and technology of the future to initiate a demonstration park of national technology smart park.